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AMAZONAS – A theater-music in three parts

This page is a record of the opera Amazon - Music Theatre in Three Parts production process  and presents my reflection on such cross-cultural experiment. The project had Artist's conception of Peter Ruzicka, Peter Weibel, Laymert Garcia dos Santos; Consulting Bruce Albert, David Kopenawa, Siegfried Mauser; Initiative Joachim Bernauer, José Wagner Garcia. By SESC São Paulo, Goethe Institute, Munich Biennale (Ale), ZKM | Center for Art…

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Bio-information and Latin American Art – A Provocation

The “cybernetic shift” that has been giving growing relevance since the 1960s to information (digital and/or genetic) in all spheres of human activity in order to reconfigure our understanding of life, work and knowledge, does not yet seem to have managed to trigger off in artists an awareness of the radical change of perspective it requires. Indeed, anyone frequenting contemporary art exhibitions and wishing to compare…

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